What is your unique perspective on health and wellness?

Weight control is the most important factor in your health status.

Why is weight control so important to our health status?

Obesity is becoming the #1 health epidemic in the United States and around the world. Because obesity leads to HTN, diabetes, cardiac diseases and many types of cancer and it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Much emphasis is placed on the glycemic index of food. What is the glycemic index of food and how does it affect our health?

The glycemic index measures how rapidly food releases its sugar content into the bloodstream. Higher glycemic foods raise blood sugar which then in turn requires insulin (a hormone from the pancreas) to push sugar inside the cell. Raised glycemic index equates to higher insulin which creates inflammation, which may turn into chronic inflammation which gives you aging and disease.

What kind of a diet would promote a healthy lifestyle?

A diet that contains high to moderate protein, moderate good fats and low carb, such as South Beach or the Zone Diet.

How many calories and net carbs per day should men and women have for weight loss?

A man should have about 1,000-1,200 calories and 25-30 net carbs per day. A woman should have 900-1,000 calories and 20-25 net carbs per day.

How do your shakes and bars help someone to control their daily calorie and carb intake?

They are high in protein and will maintain a more stable insulin curve. The shakes are 160 calories with 15 grams of protein and contain 3 net carbs and 20% to 30% of vitamin per serving. The bars have 160 calories, 15 grams of protein, all while containing 5 net carbs and 10% to 15% of vitamins per serving.

What are the ingredients in Age-Less products?

Age-Less uses natural, ephedra-free products: a proprietary blend of Di-indol-methane (DIM), which promotes a healthy balance of hormones in both males and females that also supports skin, prostate, ovarian, breast, skeletal, joint, cardiovascular health, lean body mass, better physical conditioning, improved mood and memory, and a higher libido combined with banaba leaf, a corosolic acid that supports cortisol balance which regulates normal blood sugar and insulin levels that leads to a decrease in appetite, and a green tea extract (EGCG) that has powerful antioxidants that support metabolism due to its thermogenic effect which maintains normal blood sugar and insulin levels and helps control the appetite, which are all non-habit forming. This blend is designed to control the appetite, balance cortisol levels while supporting mean muscle mass and support thermo genesis (the breaking down of stored fat and caloric expenditure.)

What other vitamins are essential in a weight control program?

Vitamin D, due to it being a fat soluble vitamin that is essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism, supporting cardiovascular health, cell growth and supporting healthy T cell and macrophages responses. As well as my Daily Best that has ~35 nutrients that are in a prolonged release formula that ensures release for 6-8 hours which provides vital nutrients for bone health, cardiovascular health, metabolic function, anti-oxidants, and lip tropic factor (like choline and inositol) that supports fat metabolism and myelin sheath health.