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Dr. Linda’s “Age-less Savings Account”

Hello gorgeous!

Yes, you! Have you ever thought about how everyone has a plan for their future in regard to the next ten or twenty years of their lives? People typically will invest their money in stocks, retirement plans, etc. But usually little or no attention is given toward the future and investment of your body and appearance. How come the only thing we have to live in our whole lives gets the least attention? Dr. Linda McClintock has the solution and has now made it easier than ever to make an ageless contribution to your body. Dr. Linda has formulated a new program to invest monthly into your “Age-less Savings Account” and accumulate “Age-less Bucks” to be used toward any of Dr. Linda’s “Age-less Medicine” products and services, including a range of things from vitamins and nutrients to skincare products that will help you be your best you.

There are three levels of the Health & Beauty Savings Account Plan to choose from:

Not only are the “Age-less Savings Accounts” a smart investment for your health and beauty, but they also save you money too! Starting at 8% for a bronze account, Dr. Linda will continue to add discounts to your retail products the more money you put into your account monthly!

Your account will be billed on the first of every month and we allow you to cancel at any time within a 30-day written cancellation notice.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in your body today! And remember, aging is not optional, but youthfulness is!